Become a Certified Travel Agent and Destination Specialist

The global travel and tourism sector employs more people than automotive manufacturing, mining, and financial services combined globally, according to new research from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). • Travel is an 8.1 trillion dollar industry. • Some of that money can be yours  


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What: Travel Agent and Destination Specialist Training

When: August 20, 2019 @ 6:00pm

Where: 26 Court St, Suite 701, Brookyn, NY 11242

Why: Earn Extra Income ... and Enjoy Perks!

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Learn from the lead Facilitator, Victoria Falk, award-winning CEO of Passionate Travel Inc. 

Yes. You can get extra travel perks and benefits when you are a Certified Travel Agent and Destination Specialist. Register today!"  


This Certificate Program is for you if you want to...

  • Book travel and earn higher commissions
  • Use travel to raise funds for your church, nonprofit, charity, etc.  
  • Start and grow a profitable travel business
  • Use social media to market your business
  • Become eligible for major tax advantages

You deserve to earn more income and have fun doing it.  

It only takes 4 weeks of training.

Week 1

We will discuss how travel, and the role of the Travel Agent, has changed over the years. We will discuss niche travel areas and students will be encouraged to consider the niche areas they are most interested in focusing. The instructor will explain the Destination Specialist Certificate and encourage students to choose which travel locations they'd like to specialize in during the 4-week course.

Week 2

Students will get hands-on experience on booking all types of travel including: flights, hotels, car rentals, vacation packages, cruises, and bus trips. Students will be shown how to turn trips into fundraisers for churches or nonprofit organizations. Students will practice booking travel on their own personalized travel booking websites that are included with this course. 

Week 3

Branding and marketing for your travel business are extremely important. Don't be a "Secret Agent". People need to know that you are in the travel business and they need to know why they should book travel with you instead of the next person. Students will learn how to gain and keep customers through marketing and social media. 

Week 4

Students will learn about all of the different perks and benefits available to Travel Agents and Destination Specialists, and how to access them. These perks and benefits include, but are not limited to, tax benefits, free trips, familiarization (fam) trips, travel agent rates, and courtesy upgrades.

Cost of Training

Chamber Members: $250

Non-Chamber Members: $350

Price includes Travel Agent training, video tutorials, online travel business, individual chamber membership and personalized travel booking website. Certificates will be given out to those who successfully complete the program.  

Why do more people become travel agents and destination specialists? We've got stories for you...

Because there is so much to sell 

“There are so many exciting opportunities for new experiences being offered for families who travel together, like cruises with laser tag and a race car track, and expansions in theme parks. Since I specialize in family travel, I expect business to increase.” — Margie Lenau, Wonderland Family Vacations, Grand Rapids, Michigan  

Because the industry is growing 

“Travel professionals are thriving and not going away. It is an excellent industry to get into if you like to always be learning. With many successful business models and niches, it is a fascinating time to be a part of this growing industry.” — Samarah Meil, Amarillo Travel Network, Amarillo, Texas

Because your job is to sell a dream 

“Travel agents help make planning vacations with the folks you love easier, and we can make those times even better for our clients. We all only have a limited amount of time on this earth (and money), so the special times we spend together with those we love (or consider important enough to vacation with) are precious. I can help make these times extra special for people. When you look back on your life, these times stand out.” — Diane DeWitt Frisch, Diane Frisch Destinations, LLC, Frisco, Texas

Because everyone is a potential client 

“If you love to travel and have friends and family who love to travel, you already have a built-in client base. If you are curious about the world, have an eye for details and planning and love to share experiences, you have the beginnings of a career. If you have the work ethic to learn skills required to facilitate making someone's dream vacation come true, you may have found your vocation.” — Yu Kailin, Legion M, El Toro, California

Because you can work anywhere, anytime

  “Technology allows you to earn money from anywhere in the world. People don't have to be strapped to 9-5 jobs anymore. You can make your own hours. In addition, while traveling, you are gaining knowledge and making connections to better serve clients.” — Camille Pepe Sperrazza,


So... are you in?